Periodontal Disease

Heart Disease and Diabetes

On the surface, it might seem as though there couldn’t possibly be a connection between periodontal disease and heart disease. However, there are several studies that have been noted a correlation between periodontal disease and heart disease. These studies have found that those suffering from periodontal disease suffer heart disease at double the rate of the rest of the population.

While these studies have established there is a correlation, they are still working on determining the causation. The most recent studies indicate the possibility that there is a link between the bacteria that causes periodontal disease and the bacteria that leads to the formation of blood clots, which in turn can cause heart attacks. It is now being considered that the link between gum disease and heart disease is as strong as the link between cholesterol, body weight, and smoking with heart disease.

Heart disease is not the only health problem that studies indicate periodontal disease sufferes are more at risk for. Other include:

  • Lowered immunity
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Lung disease
  • Preterm birth
  • Respiratory disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Ulcers

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