Laser Dentist Fort Lauderdale

Laser dentist fort lauderdale

For patients who have experienced significant tooth decay, traditional forms of treatment may no longer suffice. In the past, these individuals would not have had anywhere to turn to and would have been resigned to painful gum disease and tooth loss. Now, there is a solution to this problem that can avoid loss of the natural tooth and work to reverse gum disease: laser therapy.

Our laser therapy is completed by our Fort Lauderdale laser dentistusing WaterLase. WaterLase gently washes away tooth and gum decay with YSGG laser-energized water droplets. This is produced by combining atomized water with laser energy. This spray can remove various human tissues, including tooth enamel, with incredible precision. It does not require heat and does not cause discomfort for the patient.

Laser therapy has several benefits over using a drill. No heat is needed, which is a big problem with the drill. It also does not transmit vibration to the mouth of the patient, which many will tell you is the most disconcerting aspect of traditional treatment. It also is painless, removing the need for anesthesia in the majority of cases. And its precision allows your dentist to remove exactly what is needed, leaving as much healthy structure in place as possible. In the long run, these could mean keeping your teeth.

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